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Female Support

A modern woman is a woman who is active in society. The Women’s Support Group, made up of such women, carries out serious and relevant work, promoting meetings, teas, lunches and good quality programming, throughout Brazil.

The Women’s Support Group promotes relaxed get-togethers for women: executives, wives, businesswomen, consultants and professionals. They are friends who come together to share experiences, exchange ideas and talk about victories and personal achievements in all areas. The project developed by the Apoio Feminino (Women’s Support Group) is a strategy that started in Brazil and is now spreading to several countries. With efficiency and a lot of sympathy, The Women’s Support Group has been conquering its space in society, bringing joy and hope to entire families, indirectly reached through the women invited to some of their events.

Women fulfil an essential role in society. They perform countless, and an ever growing number of professional activities, overstepping frontiers and overcoming all boundaries. Female influence and strength is here to stay and will continue to grow, especially among the higher echelons. The Women’s Support Group is in full growth and very active. It works in a contextualized and well thought out manner and strives to reach the goals it has set itself. Work undertaken by women throughout the country; the role women play in society; changes in their condition and social perspectives for women are all issues which are looked at strategically by the organization.

ADHONEP, through the Women’s Support Group, aims to reach so-called ‘high-society’ women. Each month, our coordinators prepare attractive events with the participation of important personalities. The organization is careful not to be surprised by changes; not to use outdated language and not to take a wrong approach.

If you have not yet participated in the Women’s Support program, this is the time!

International Headquarters

Rod. Amaral Peixoto Km 6,5 – Tribobó

São Gonçalo – Rio de Janeiro – Zip Code 24753-560

Phone: (21) 2602-4460 | Fax: (21) 2701-6473

E-mail: [email protected]

Women’s Support

Phone: (21) 2602-4460

E-mail: [email protected]

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