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Youth Support

Excited at the success of the work of the Women’s Support Group, ADHONEP started ‘Youth Support’ – a broad and challenging project.

Young Brazilians, in general, possess great personal capacity for mobilizing others, so in our activities and schedules, participants from all cities are able to raise personal and professional expectations, contributing positively in many ways. Youth Support has established the following targets for itself:

  • Reach as many young people as possible.
  • Support the Chapters with strength, dynamism and enthusiasm.

Youth Support is versatile, spontaneous and determined. It generates opportunities for all tastes. It has developed an agile and modern strategy that involves having a lot of fun while also encompassing the issues of information, behaviour, trends and development. ADHONEP wants to help bring about a new generation in Brazil: healthy, strong and capable. A new generation of Brazilians that will definitively help to establish a positive future for the country.

International Headquarters

Rod. Amaral Peixoto Km 6,5 – Tribobó

São Gonçalo – Rio de Janeiro – Zip Code 24753-560

Phone: (21) 2602-4460 | Fax: (21) 2701-6473

E-mail: [email protected]

Youth Support

Phones: (21) 2109-0555 / 2109-0556

E-mail: [email protected]

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