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Get to Know ADHONEP

ADHONEP is a non-ecclesiastical Brazilian institution established in 1977 by businessman Custódio Rangel Pires of Rio de Janeiro. Mirroring the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International, an organisation created in 1952 by a North American farmer, Mr. Pires received the full encouragement and blessing of its founder, Demos Shakarian, allowing him to create its Brazilian counterpart. Since 2012, ADHONEP has been presided over by Mr. Altomir Regis Cunha, an entrepreneur from Rio de Janeiro.

The main objectives of ADHONEP are: to disseminate and encourage the observation and practice of social, ethical and moral principles; to promote the family as the fundamental unit of society, as well as to help spread those Christian spiritual principles which are based on the Holy Bible.

ADHONEP achieves its objectives by organising social events (breakfasts, lunches, dinners), leadership training, workshops, regional meetings and an annual international convention, held in Brazil.

The sharing, by members, of personal experiences that give witness to changes in behaviour, practices as well as habits that go against fundamental Christian principles, is the main strategy used by this organisation to achieve its aims.

ADHONEP wants to reach the opinion formers: entrepreneurs, qualified professionals, civil and military authorities, executives, sportsmen, artists, intellectuals and others who, for the most diverse reasons, are excluded from the precious Information that is offered at the events organized by the Association.

The organization relies on the internal forces of cooperation within the entity itself:  FEMALE SUPPORT, formed by a women’s association as well as YOUTH SUPPORT, made up of ADHONEP youth.

The Institution has more than 1,500 chapters registered in Brazil, also extending its activities in the three American Continents, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (base in Dubai) and Africa.

ADHONEP publishes the magazines A VOZ (The Voice), A VOZ MULHER RESPOSTA (The Woman Voice) and A VOZ JOVEM (The Voice of Youth) as a means of publicising some of the success stories experienced by its members.

More information about ADHONEP, including how to become a member, may be obtained via the link: https://adhonep.org.br/en/socio/ or by phone +1 954-543-7247.