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ADHONEP exists so that friends can share successes, opportunities and personal victories. Individuals who wish to share their experiences find in the Businessmen’s Association events an excellent opportunity. In addition, every new member becomes an integral part of this work. It is an alliance which means it is a reciprocal pact. Partners and officers enjoy the wonderful benefits of this powerful work.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and join the Businessmen’s Association. Be a partner. Learn about our Gold Membership:  it is wonderful, exceptional and spectacular! There are no words to describe the joy in the hearts of those individuals who have found a new meaning to their lives.

Don’t miss out! Join ADHONEP and come and join us at our events: take part in our dinners and seminars. No matter what your business may be, or your area of ​​expertise: search us out and join this alliance!

You can also help to open a new Chapter. If ADHONEP isn’t present in your city or region, you can assist us by sending us the names of individuals who may be interested in taking part in a great project: the Businessmen’s Association. Make use of this opportunity. Contact International Headquarters by phone or e-mail and request the opening of a Chapter:

International Headquarters

Rod. Amaral Peixoto Km 6,5 – Tribobó

São Gonçalo – Rio de Janeiro – Zip Code 24753-560

Phone: (21) 2602-4460 | Fax: (21) 2701-6473

E-mail: [email protected]

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